About j/j images

J/J IMAGES was created to provide the highest quality architectural, executive portraiture and commercial images using the cinematic style of lighting.

With over 35 years of experience in the creation of film and still images we are uniquely qualified to offer the client the most accurate representation of the project.

When you call, you will be dealing with the owner and not a studio manager or contract photographer.

All architectural interiors have supplemental lighting to convey the lighting designer’s ideas in a way that transposes to the photographic process. Where possible, the windows have color correction gel on them or the light fixtures have been gelled to balance the color temperature of the sources to eliminate “blue windows” or yellow light fixtures. This method also eliminates any need to photograph at night (creating “black windows”) and enables the windows to be shown as the architect meant them to be.

J/J IMAGES also offers a wide selection of scenic images from around the country at different seasons suitable for use as original wall art.

If you need an answer right away please call my cell #: 414 617 5820 or send me an email: jmorrill@wi.rr.com.